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Content Strategy Revealed for Blogs

If you know me you will know 2012 has been my year for blogging. I have been succesfully publishing 5 blog posts weekly for this website without failure. I have come up with a content strategy that has made me accountable for blogging these past 5 months religiously. Today I would like to share with my readers the secret to my success.

Lets us review 4 factors that are a part of my current content strategy that has contributed to the success of my blogging this year.

  1. Picking parent topics that give you a ton of content to write about
  2. Categorizing your blog posts into general subjects to make easier for your visitors to review
  3. A blogging calendar
  4. Auto publishing content every day
Today we will analyze the parent topics and categories field for your blog. For an example my blog contains 5 main topics
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Entrepreneurship
In these main parent terms I have a ton of categories that fall into such criteria. I am all about defining a niche for your blog but sometimes limiting yourself to very few topics will give you less things to write about. So its important for you to create a resource centre where visitors can come to your blog and find the content divided into easy to read topics. This will help with the overall user experience which will in turn improve your bounce rates on Google Analytics. With the new penguin update its even more important for you to focus on the time that people are spending on your website. If you have a higher bounce rate this means the online visitors are not spending much time after they land on your website!
Attached is an image on how word press allows you to create categories for your blog!

7 Responses to Content Strategy Revealed for Blogs

  1. Dude, this was the best takeaway from your speech the other day. I’ve started my own blog calendar now because of this. It starts up next week so I can start pre-writing the content.

  2. Thank you for clearly laying out what I need to/have to do to make my blog a success. You show here how good habits, consistency and long term focus on what you are doing creates success. Thanks for the sharing! Now I have to do it!

    • The first few weeks will be the toughest in my experience as you set your groove and work out the kinks

      i find after you have written out tons of content and have content on the go ready to auto publish you spend more time on research and writing out better content

      You easily gain more speed over time and a good bench mark is 5 blog posts within a day to aim for!

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