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Content Strategy Guide

There are 8 different steps to deliver an effective content strategy. Content creation takes time and is only effective if the context is catered to the business audience needs. Conversions is the final intention but the sales message is subtle if crafted properly. Giving out great content should always be a priority.

The steps are as follows:

  • Search (Content sources and curate, create and aggregate what is relevant)
  • Choose (Content that is of relevant, quality and original)
  • Edit (Content so that the context is of your perspective and catered specifically for your audience)
  • Arrange (Content so it can be displayed to give out a clear message)
  • Format (The delivery of the content and be sure to credit your sources)
  • Distribute (The funnel of your content based on the client platform)
  • Engage (The audience that reads your content)
  • Track (The analytics of your content)

Tom Feremski once said, “Every company needs to be their own media company!”


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