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Content Proposal

There are many stages to creating a content proposal. A content proposal is necessary for any business attempting at building a web presence and positing themselves as an authority in their respective industry. It is even more important to understand the process of a content proposal as a business before deployment.

I have highlighted some key factors that make up the stages of a content proposal.

  • Analyzing the content you want to be an authority on.
  • Online competitive Analysis and Research
  • Research Analysis of Keywords
  • Current Competitor Actions
  • Annual Content Quarterly Reports
  • Editorial and Blogging Calendar
  • Monthly Content Guidance Plan
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content and Traffic Food Chain Blue Print
  • Content Metrics
  • Content Distribution Funnel
  • Content Marketing

These stages are necessary when outlining a content proposal. How do I know this. I have written and deployed over 100 strategies of this nature in the past few months for many businesses and brands.

Has your business mapped out a content strategy proposal?

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