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Content Creation Guidelines.

Everyday content is being shared on the inter-web. There are certain rules or commandments we must follow to ensure that your content stands out and gets the viewership it deserves. Its always important to remember that your content needs to be understandable and readable.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you create and deliver content:

  1. Allow your creative side to take control of your content.
  2. While its important to deliver facts, ensure you add your opinion.
  3. Give away golden nuggets even when you are trying to promote your brand/product.
  4. Be sure to give proper credit to content shared from other sources.
  5. Mix up the forms of delivery to keep interesting.
  6. Allow debate and tackle subjects that will bring out differences of opinions.
  7. Make it easier for your content to be shared.
  8. Have fun and let your passion show in your writing.
  9. Infuse popular keywords into your content.
  10. Show consistency in your content delivery.

These rules or guidelines can help you take your content to the next level. Do you apply any of these rules today?

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