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Consumer Research.

If you are still marketing your business the traditional way you are certainly missing the current big picture. The current state of marketing has changed drastically. In fact the global audience has more impact on your business sales process now more than ever. With the power of accessibility through smart phones, more and more consumers are researching products and services at an increasing rate. Your customers are making buying decisions based on what other people are saying about your business.

Need more proof? Let me provide you with some sample scenarios where online research made me make a buying decision and also a time when it prevented me from making a buying decision. 

Scenario 1 – When I was influenced to making a buying decision

Now as much as I am a movie buff I am not to remember when good movies hit the theatre. Instead I am more of hear the buzz on the street kinda guy when deciding when to go watch a movie. While I was skeptical on the new Avengers flick when I saw the trailer I heard about it first through a local newspaper reviewing the movie saying it had a good script. The next day almost 30 people on my face book newsfeed all had Avenger mentions as well as my twitter feed. I was surprised not to see a single negative review. Upon going online to the local theatre website I found out the saturday show times were all sold out. At this point I almost had to go. Out of the blue I read a review online about a theatre introducing a new concept of watching movies. It had developed a VIP room, with butler services and comfortable seating. All signs pointed to a successful buying decision. Now not only did my research sell me on buying tickets to go see the Avenger Flick but I also paid more to go see but I went through an up sell process. The final satisfaction was after watching the movie and realizing it was a great flick, humorous and some great moments in the movie that made me chuckle and appreciate the flick even more.

The process I went through is what Google calls the ZERO MOMENT of truth. You can read about this on this website. You can also download this highly recommended pdf here. After analyzing the entire process most traditional advertising goes through different stages

  • STAGE 1 – Stimulus – This is when a trailer on TV first brought the flick to my attention
  • STAGE 2 – ZMOT or Zero Moment of truth – This is when all the reviews and buzz validated a buying decision. The positive reviews not only made me want to buy tickets to this flick but I went through an up sell process
  • STAGE 3 – Shelf or the First Moment of truth – This is when I decided to make the buying decision
  • STAGE 4 – Experience – This is the feeling of satisfaction and reward for doing my home work and deciding to go see the movie. The fact that the reviews were dead on made me an appreciative consumer.

You can see a picture of this entire process below – Courtesy of Google









Scenario 2 – When I was influenced not to make a buying decision.

So I heard about this famous sea food restaurant in Maui on TV. Over the the years I heard about the restaurant through friend that visited Hawaii. It became a wish list for me to do if I ever visited Maui. 5 years later it just so happened that I was visiting Maui. I was so excited to go there and was stoked about visiting this famous restaurant. When I got to Maui there was so many places to visit that I wanted to make the best use of my time. It just so happened that it was a longer drive to get to this restaurant and I wanted to know if it was worth my time. Having gone through the stimulus process I decided to do some research. Now the first thing I did was check the website and the menu and while this looked appealing, I decided to go online and do some online research. The online reviews and comments were concerning. I found the recurring fragments of disappointment and displeasure from past visitors and tourists who shared my same interest only to be filled with regret. The major concern was how the restaurant was taking the quality of their service and food for granted and how the servers focused on making the most money on tips and beverages when people visited the restaurant. It was even more sad to see how people felt the the restaurant was over priced and let the standards drop. I made the decision not to visit this restaurant and do not regret making this decision.

Online reviews and comments can make major impacts to your business. Are you listening now?


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