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Consumer Influence

Some of the most respected marketing experts out there are all saying that the industrial revolution is dead. The sales and marketing approach is rapidly changing. Circles of people with common needs and goals are starting to form. Some of these circles are being tapped into while others are yet to be discovered. The truth is attraction marketing is winning. Any business that can attract consumers is thriving at this current moment. Consumers are buying from people that know, like and trust.
Some of the more noticeable action steps you need to take to influence your consumers are as follows
  • Creating consumer awareness of your business, brand the services you offer.
  • Your marketing strategy should create an attraction where consumers want to be in your circle because of what you offer.
  • Your sales approach should promote client assurance and trust.
  • Create an alliance with resources and partnerships that can compliment your business.
  • Deliver awesomeness on all your content.
If you build a loyal base of followers across your platforms who will want you to influence their consumer needs. Some of these influences you will create wont happen on the first contact. In fact you need to over deliver now more than ever. Some marketers believe you have to give away 6 deposits of awesomeness before you can even expect a return on revenue. While this might not be the case for all your sales, building a following will tap into various revenue streams in different sales cycles.
Buying decisions are made when consumers are influenced and inspired by your business brand!

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