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Communication is key…

I have had the opportunity to analyze strengths and weaknesses of many businesses, organizations and groups of people these past few months. The operations have been on both sides of the spectrum both large and small. I am constantly surprised how some businesses are still running with the lack of communication across channels, departments or groups of people. Going forward in 2013 the most important fuel to run a business is proactive and effective communication…

I recently sat down with a business owner and their marketing department for a 3 hour proposal and presentation. The owner was blown away by all the changes made by search engines and understood the importance of content deployment moving forward… He was also very furious with his marketing management team
for not bringing me in sooner. He questioned why the marketing team hadn’t come up with a content proposal before my presentation… Then came the awkward silence before one brave soul said, “Our content strategy has been sitting on your desk for a few months now.” The next few minutes of silence was even more awkward. The business owner then took ownership and understood why the business was in need of structure.

Treat every business like a well oiled machine. If some parts are not attended to or not in the loop of things it makes it hard to run effectively. I was recently reading a survey where effective communication was the number one reason for business to fail in 2012. I smile when I hear someone tell me their business is different from all others… It’s not! I have come across many business this year that all had one main challenge which was proper communication across all channels of an organization.

Does your business suffer from this? If you are not sure take the time to speak to your middle managers and ask them what they think.

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