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Communication Evolution.

I was recently asked to blog about this purely based on how we are rapidly changing how we communicate with our business contacts. You see traditionally consultants would opt to meet in person, use the phone and/ or email their clients. In the past few months I have experience different generations of clients with different technical abilities. I am finding my methods of communication are starting to evolve.

Just last weekend I looked at my cell phone bill and I had received a few hundred text messages between a potential business partner and myself over a period of two days. I also have clients who prefer troubleshooting their problems to me via twitter. My prospects will contact me through face book to book consultation calls. I am contacted by new contacts on linked in. People engage by commenting on my blogs. I am getting more and more clients who are finding me through mobile apps on location based services like four square. Customers are sending me video testimonials through You tube using their iphone and uploading it to the web. I just consulted a client in South Africa and we started off using Skype just before writing this blog post. All of a sudden he started to experience a poor phone reception so we switched to Gmail Chat. I ended up completing a 1 hour training session on a messenger service.

When customers get to know you over time, their comfort zones increase and I find consultants can opt to receive different forms of communication. With the introduction of tablets, smart phones and portable devices communication is getting even more easier. We are starting to change the way we communicate and predictions are as we evolve so will be the forms of delivery.

How are you evolving your communication style?


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