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Common Misconceptions For Start Ups.

The biggest mistake a start up business makes is assuming that everyone online is their customer. Most start up business focus on their website and expect traffic and customers to pour into their web platform. Without proper keyword research, market demographic or consumer location most businesses go in blindly expecting massive results only to see disappointing statistics. This is the major reason why businesses fail. The term “location, location, location!” still applies to the online world. Most business owners don’t really do their homework or know where their customers hang out.

Sometimes through proper online research, keyword demand or also split test results one can gauge where the online interest originates from. Its important for a start up business to pay attention to vital statistics on consumer research. I see a lot of start ups go in blindly and spend their hours desperately attending any networking events hoping to find consumer attraction to their web platforms with the hopes that this will increase traffic or sales.

There are 7 vital questions you need to ask yourself when catering a start up business online

1- Do you know what your potential customers are typing into the search engines for your services or products?
2- Do you know your competition and where do they rank organically online in the search engines?
3- Where do your customers hang out?
4- Are your customers B2C, B2B or C2C?
5- Who are your customers?
6- What do you want your customers to do when they visit your website?
7- What is the call to action for your web platforms?

If you cannot answer these questions then you need to spend the time finding these answers before you start marketing to your business. Internet Marketing starts off by proper market research and keyword research. This is a valuable lesson and strategy that will help you accelerate your business.

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