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Combating Negative Press

As a business owner you are bound to receive feedback, criticism and sometimes even bad press. While most business owners dread such negative press this is a natural process in business. You just cannot please everyone. Some times you are bound to receive negative press even if you do your best to try and avoid it. Most cases negative press usually is personal or comes from an angry customer or employee. How do you deal with such negative press?

Here are some factors to realize about negative press.

  • No action can sometimes hurt your credibility
  • Do not take it personally
  • Avoid conflict
  • Sometimes a response will still spark debate
  • You do not have to always have the last word
  • Debate has no winners online!
  • Do not loose composure
  • Do not turn your comments into a heated debate

Here are some recommendations on how to combat negative press:

  • It always best practises to pay attention to keyword and social monitoring. Be aware and do not be caught off guard.
  • Contact site owners if information is inaccurate or incorrect. Do not afraid to nip errors in the bud.
  • Represent your brand and company. You will be called out for fake or anonymous profiles
  • Spin negative press into positive reviews
  • If clients have a genuine complaint fix it!
  • Monitor your brand and protect it
  • Keep your integrity and stay composed
  • Do not bash competitors
  • Monitor internal communications
  • Implement SEO and content management strategy to filter out negative reviews
  • Think long term and implement a quality content strategy
  • Turn to your writing team or outsource a PR company
  • Consult legal advise if it the matter is serious

At the end of the day you can choose to be a part of the problem or the solution. How do you combat negative press?

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