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Click to Call PPC Campaigns

I recently attended the google engage anniversary and we ended up seeing different types of successful pay-per-click campaigns. Mobile usage is growing and google predicts by 2014 mobile search will outperform desktop usage. As this trend increase pay-per-click advertising has had to evolve to cater to such online demand.

A rapidly increasing trend is click to call advertising campaigns. A good example shared was given by the Google speaker who had travelled to Vancouver from Toronto. He had searched on his phone for a limo company. Due to his location the first ad that was displayed was a local limousine offering a 60% discount to clients coming from the airport. Without any hesitation he clicked the ad which promoted a call to the limousine service center. Within minutes a limousine had pulled up and picked him up and brought him to the city. He didn’t bother to do a competition search because his needs were met within one click.

Advertising campaigns have had to become smarter to keep the visitors engaged and we can only predict more click to call ad campaigns as mobile usage increases. Its event more important to have local phone numbers for local traffic. The intelligence to know where you visitor is located through gps is making this feature even more attractive for ppc advertisers.

How can call to click advertising ads work for your business?

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