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Changes coming for Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook has been making changes to its fan page platform first by giving everyone until March 31st before it integrates timeline into all fan pages. Next up the photo viewer received an uplift and a larger area at the top for a photo or image in a banner format. There are 5 notable changes coming out way. In brief here is what to expect from the new changes coming for Facebook fan pages:

  • The new design of the fan will promote a larger space to promote a banner and deliver consistent branding
  • Private messaging will now become a popular feature where privacy on comments will allow less room for moderation
  • “Fan gating” pages promoting organic “likes”  will not be able to be done any more by driving people to their custom tab.
  • 4 Tabs will be visible as opposed to earlier flexibilities. Choose wisely.
  • Content that you want to appear at the top of your timeline will now be allowed to be pinned.

At the end of the days facebook marketers will adapt to these changes. The other big change for the advertising platform will be the delivery of real time statistics which will help improve the reporting infrastructure. How will your business adapt to the facebook trends?

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