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Canned Messages

Canned messages are automated pre-established and template responses created by companies receiving a high work or inquiry response from clients. Most business deploy canned messages for email templates, live chat or sometimes even social responses. Bigger companies can have up to a few thousand canned responses based on the nature and habit of inquires coming in from clients. The purpose of canned messages is to provide the right solution in a timely and quick manner.

While the pro’s of having canned messages involve better time management, the biggest challenge with a canned message is when it isn’t proofed to the customer inquiry. All template messages still need to be customized to the clients needs. When this doesn’t happen it can cause major frustrations and lead to more escalation.

Recently a friend went through the loops going back and forth with Itunes consumer support through email because the inquiries were not carefully being read. His name was misspelled, his inquiries weren’t addressed and the instructions to fix the problem were wrong. What was supposed to be a few minutes of customer support ended up taking days of back and forth a chain of emails. This wasted time both on the client and service provider.

The big lesson is any canned messages going out need to be proofed and customized.

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