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Calls to Action 101

When setting up a website, web platform or e-commerce website it is important to ensure you have created an effective call to action. A call to action is the direction in which you want a web user to take when they visit your web platform. There are a few criteria’s to consider when creating an effective call to action:

  • Compelling, colour contrasting buttons that stand out
  • Rewarding the visitor to take action by giving away something
  • Promoting the sign up of the product or demo give away
  • Using large and distracting fonts to send eye balls to that portion of the web page
  • Using the website real estate space where visitors are forced to click on one call direction
  • An opt in form reward to sign up email addresses
  • Having graphics and images point to the call to action
  • Offering multiple call to actions
  • Visual stimulating image slide call to action
  • Captivating video call to action to build credibility
  • User friendly beginner call to action

No matter what call to action most websites today capitalize on ensuing their call to action is on the front page of the web platform. It is vital that you direct your clients to take a call to action rather than assuming that they will figure it out on their own!

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