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Buying Decisions

I keep hearing the saying, “People like to buy but they hate being sold!” I have been analyzing the sales process and took a deeper look at how even my clients were led to making a buying decision to hire my services. What I have come to terms with is that the sales process is determined by one simple word…Influence!

Influence is the grand daddy of all emotions for any customer looking at making that final buying decision. Influence is the final emotion that prompts a client to commit to your service. Influence is the last emotion that allows your client to feel they are making the right decision.

What impacts influence:

  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Content
  • Character
  • Exposure
  • Recommendations
  • Network
  • Success
  • Reach
  • Resource
  • Authority
  • Image

What does not impact influence is the cheesy sales copy, snake-oil pitch and/or social broadcasting of false guarantee, picture story telling and tales of richness. Yet so many marketers still believe that the best way to woo their audience is by speaking to everyone the same way through a pitch, an ad, or hire a team of marketers to become their sales advocates….

My clients bought into me because they felt an emotion and through the factors above made a buying decision that gave them comfort in knowing why they buying into my brand.

Through the power of social media we are also seeing an age of social influence where ones thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns are impacted by others within their reach and network with positive or negative results.

What other importance factors impact influence?

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