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Business Principle

While I have written about different types of principles this article is simply on principles you create as a business individual. I come from an upbringing where a hand shake is good as gold. I have learned that your word is your principal and most businesses apply these same rules of the trade. My mentors have all taught me that what you put into your relationships is what you will get out of your business relationships.

Sometimes I find myself evaluating a business based on my interactions with the business owner. In fact I can get a good read from someone simply by how they follow-up on their principles. Some people will gauge how serious you take them based on how you conduct yourself.

I recently was asked to show up for a business meeting. When I showed up to the location, not only had the person left I could not reach them when I called. I waited 30 minutes to see if the person was running late but it turns out that the person had completely forgotten about our meeting… I simply sent a text to receive an apologetic phone call. The truth is while I know this person and let it slide most new business prospects would feel insulted and never want to do business with this individual ever again…

If I am running late for a business meeting I will communicate, text or phone the person to ensure that their okay with waiting. If not we would reschedule the meeting at a different date. Using this example, most people forget what they intentions are. While you might have the best intentions do not commit to something unless you are sure you can deliver

These same principles apply to any form of a business agreement you might have… If you are not sure you become more credible seeking assurance before you make a decision.

How do you evaluate business principles?

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