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Business Plan, Myth Or Reality

This Report starts out identifying the most crucial element to any new business or existing business and that is primarily a business plan…

It’s the backbone or skeleton to your business. You can grow onto any sort of muscles and adds on but the business plan is what holds everything together. Most entrepreneurs have a great idea or venture but tend to flop because they have thought everything through. Your foundation in your business starts out with a business plan. In order to get to the destination of your business, your plan is your map, your guide your direction….

If you need to raise money from investors the first thing they ask to review is a business plan. Remember you are the biggest investor to your business and deserve a solid plan to success in your business…

A business plan includes

Identifying your market and your target audience
Your product line and price points
Realistic Goals and projections for the future
Estimated Cost to set up the business
Identifying your resources, man-power and skill set
Company hierarchy
Identifying the competition (Strengths and Weaknesses)
Mapping a marketing strategy
Items that will keep you focused on the big picture
This is just the start of your vision and a business plan is customized to your needs. No one has the same business plan as every has a different business need and plan.
Through my experiences there is one mistake that most entrepreneurs make and that is not testing the industry or business they are getting into. Know your audience, target your demographic and test your market!
Nothing is set on risk! In business you take calculated risk first!
To your success,
Bosco Anthony
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