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Business mind-maps

A business mind map is an esthetical chart that maps out your business into plan from strategy to implementation. The core reason for a business mind map is to take a vision for a business and maps out the structure. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas, strategies and processes as an aid to organize information.

The biggest benefit you create for your business plan by creating a mind map is providing clarity on resources, allocations and processes to all the relevant parties involved in your venture. The biggest challenge observed with visionaries is usually that it’s hard to explain it to parties involved in implementing their vision. The other challenge is without visualization you run the risk of assuming you have covered everything within your business. A mind map creates rooms for tweaking, change and new business discoveries.

Your business mind map outlines the following key areas to your business plan.

  • Your why factor and why you are going into business
  • The vision before and after the mind map is created
  • Who is your customer and where do they hang out
  • The problems your prospect may have and the solutions you offer
  • Your different product lines and services you need to test
  • Resources to be allocated within your business plan
  • Marketing strategies online and offline
  • Sales funnel, list generation and list client funnel
  • Additional revenue streams and customer lifeline
  • Costs, budgets and priorities
  • Action plan and implementation
  • SWOT Analysis of your business
  • Affiliates, list building and business growth strategies

The more detailed your business mind map the easier it is to implement. The next step is then centering on pillars or branches of the mind map and taking on priorities set within the mind map.

You can revisit tweak and gauge test results as you go along in your business venture. The visual esthetics brings about understanding and clarity but more importantly gives you the action plan to start implementing your ideas.

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