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Business Calendars.

One of the biggest challenges for start up entrepreneurs is staying organized and on top of things. With so many tasks and follows up to make running a business isn’t as easy unless you have a virtual assistant or someone that takes care of your scheduling.  One of the oldest strategies in the book that is used today is scheduling your work tasks, appointments, meetings and follow-ups on a business calendar. In fact most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that it is important to create and use a business calendar to stay on top of your business needs.

In the online world there are so many different options to choose from, the most common is your outlook calendar, I phone calendar or Google calendar. With smart phone usage there is an increasing trend of entrepreneurs scheduling and using calendar apps that automatically syncs with their computers or laptops. Scheduling appointments has never got easier yet many startup entrepreneurs make the common mistake of not staying organized.

This is one of the most crucial basic business elements that many overlook. Not having a business calendar also gives your customers a poor impression of how you do business. Follow ups, scheduling times and sticking to them as well as showing up on time for meetings are all positive signs that you take your business seriously. If you want your potential customers to buy into you, you must make it easier for them to believe you are organized.

A recommendation is to manage your calendar weekly and to project and plan your meetings at the start of your week. Leave room to manage some free time in between appointments so you don’t feel so compressed for time. Most importantly look, tweak and manage your calendar accordingly at the end of each night. Colour coding the different type of appointments if its a phone call, meeting, conference or a follow up might also give you a  general idea on your week. The more you put into your calendar, the more you get out of it to help you stay productive.

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