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Building a Resource Center

For the past few months I have been positioning myself as a resource to my contacts, acquaintances, clients and partners. My approach has simply been to provide content first before assuming a sales process. This has been a vital component to the success of my business model. I find that the days of selling information are over. People want to know what it takes to become successful online and most of the time will return to you to take action for them.

Now I get asked how does one position themselves on a resource front to their industry. The first step is to identify the 3 different types of resources you can offer to your clients. Information can be found everywhere but can be categorized as follows:

Created Resources – This is all content you have created and can take ownership. Your presentations, blogs, videos and creative writing will all fall under this category. Most of the time the content you create delivers quick credibility and clients will end up even sharing your work with their networks.

Shared Resources – This is content you usually find through your social platforms. Articles, Guest Blogs, Shared content can all fall under this category and is usually brought to life by the power of social media. While this level of content might not give you instant category it certainly helps those who are in need of it. They key it to identify if they will benefit from such content.

Accesible Resources – This is the type of content you have access to that might be or might not be of your own creations. E books, case studies, white papers, video, products and information related products might all fall under this category. It is important to give this content out to a business that can utilize such content for their benefit. This will deliver an immediate sense of gratitude from the person you are trying to assist.

The key to creating a resource centre is time and research. You have to find the unique balance of ensuring your resource portfolio is strengthened on all 3 categories. The next step is to identify where your networks are struggling and become a solution. Offering help is always a good sign of breaking ones walls because they feel less threatened.

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