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Building a community!

I have been a loyal consumer for a brand for over 10 years. In a world with so much competition and options its almost unheard of these days. However this brand did something today that not only blew my mind but will probably keep me as a loyal faithful customer for another 10 years. No they didn’t cut my bill in half, they actually gave me a platform and voice to become a respected community member where my feedback would be appreciated!

You see this company not only wants my opinion, they want to improve their overall user experience with their customers. Who better to ask how to improve their product? The consumer themselves! I was thoroughly impressed when my online live Webinar turned into polls, discussions with other customers and feedback for better ideas. The awesome part is the community they are building has given the company so much brand ideas they really do not need to hire a strategist. Their customers tell them what they need to do!

  • When was the last time you surveyed your customers?
  • Have you ever taken the advise of your clients?
  • Do you ask for help and opinions?
  • Do you welcome feedback?

By building a community you are enabling a brand to grow. You welcome customers to return to your brand! There are so many perks to building a community such as

  • Asking for opinions about current products or services
  • What is the overall user experience and how you can enhance it
  • Support and consumer advise
  • How customers can help other customers
  • Promote healthy dialogue
  • Ideas for future products

What are you doing to grow your brand?

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