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Brand Segmentation

As my quest to build local exposure has turned into brand development, it has become very clear to me that how I communicate with people who follow me is different and customized based on how that relationship is nurtured. I recently got to put that theory into test when I had to count on my brand to vote for my business blog nominations in February.

It is important to segment and divide your brand into different portions to help you analyze and understand the relationships within your brand. Every person is different and fall into a certain criteria. Segments of brands could include:

  • Friends, Family and personal relationship
  • Clients or customers
  • Prospects
  • Acquaintances
  • Affiliates
  • Partners
  • Colleagues
  • Cold leads
  • Competitors

The list goes on, however each of these segments are spoken to differently and conversations needs to be customized and targeted based on the entity of your brand segment. How I approach a customer might be very different from a friend or family member. How I approach a colleague might sound different from a competitor.

Yet so many people out there forget this step and broadcast one message to everyone on their social platforms

How do you customize your messages?

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