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New Look, New Approach, New Direction.
It was in August 2008 when the first version of was released and over time I managed to build quite the clientele. I managed to build an overnight online presence for business owners in need of a business growth strategist. It seemed the online marketing skills I had picked up working for the major online marketing companies that generated millions of dollars had finally paid off. I had studied all the courses, content and strategies and was finally putting all the tricks of the trade into practise.

In the first 6 months I was testing and implementing different methods of bringing online traffic to my website and was shaking hands with entrepreneurs all over the globe. The relationships built would last a lifetime and for a short period I was surfing the waves of the new era when it came to marketing one self’s business.

It’s safe to say I started to pick some valuable lessons during these few months and like most entrepreneurs you tend to learn your lessons through mistakes. Nothing really prepares you when you start your own business and quite frankly that’s just part of the territory. Now the mistakes I made weren’t life and death situations but more a way of mentoring oneself. Over time my perspective, my approach, my game plan started to get tweaked and eventually changed. I realized that being a business growth strategist, a business coach, and an online mentor required not only valuable content but I really needed to train myself on certain aspects to the business. When you are a one man show you end up being owner, strategist, marketer and implementor to every aspect to your business.

I learned the first thing about being a consultant is time and the effective use of your time. You see what attracted me to the whole online world is the dream of working for yourself, managing your own hours and sitting on a beach sipping some umbrella drink . Let’s face it though the dream that most online guru’s sell you was a hanging carrot commonly used from the late 90’s. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t naive enough to think that I would automatically qualify to live in an online guru’s dream world but I certainly believe in the perks of being your own businessman.

Having been around so many freelancers, online gurus and professional and small business people I knew enough to know that success comes with hard work passion and persistence. The most valuable lesson I learned about getting into business for yourself is that there is two aspects to the business, marketing your business and servicing your clients. The biggest challenge I found is balancing that time. For some businesses you can perfect the art of balancing both however in some industries and some markets it’s not applicable or easy to follow.

I needed to have one focal point either marketing myself or servicing my clients. The more clients I received the harder it got to service the clients as time was the biggest factor against you. What started off as an online success started to feel like choirs. I enjoyed my client sessions but I found out very quickly that after my trainings, sessions and mentoring some clients wanted more and never had enough. They enjoyed the content I was starting to receive phone calls an odd hours of the day and on my free time. At first I was all about assisting and being that helpful guy but I realized quickly that consultants aren’t trouble shooters. I still remember today how I got a call at 11pm on a Sunday night from one of my clients asking me why his mouse wasn’t working. This is when I drew the line. No matter how great of a relationship you have with your clients, draw the line on how your customers can contact you.

I recently contacted an old colleague who was a Search Engine Optimization or SEO expert. I asked him a business related question on Facebook and he simply reminded me that the weekend was his family time and he didn’t talk shop during the weekends. At first I was taken back but then I realized he was right. If you don’t draw the line your customers won’t know what you expect from them.

Anyways my challenges with time management started to affect my business at the start of 2009 and pretty soon I was turning away clients. I developed a waiting list and I guess the thought of outsourcing or bringing in a partner really wasn’t as appealing probably because like most entrepreneurs you tend to have control issues. That changed pretty quickly when I realized that as a business growth strategist it covered so many different criteria’s that it’s important to focus on what you know or do best. You see I was offering myself on different product lines and pretty soon I realized I needed to automate some of these product lines. As an entrepreneur you must always be learning about improving yourself.

I realized pretty quickly that part of your product must be automated even if you are consultant. I needed to focus on my consultations but improve the quality of the training sessions. I pre filmed different topics that I would train my clients on, create a content related resource center for my clients to access and strictly focused on training sessions. The important thing was to partner up with industry experts when it came to different internet marketing and direct marketing strategies. I found out that it made it easier to build a team of experts and outsource some of the work to a trusted local team. It was pretty easy to recommend or vouch for these local experts because I had worked with them, used their services or met them during my time working for a major internet marketing company. I had once managed 250,000 affiliates and through promotions, conferences, seminars and phone calls I managed to create an incredible contact list of business experts out there on so many different sectors.

Pretty soon I had discovered that automation could exist for even for a consultant if you found ways to cut down your delivery time. I started to focus on calls and I began to see success. In 2010 I cut down my workload and took a smaller workload and shortly managed to automate my online business. I realized I wanted to create a bigger e-product line. At the end of 2010 I started to write some content for eBook materials and plan to release some e content in the next few months. As far as marketing online I changed my approach and focused on quality rather than quantity traffic. You see my paradigm shifted from sending any traffic to my site to sending the right traffic to my site. I spent most of 2010 learning new ways of marketing and implementing better ways of being selective with my clientele. I was starting to get offers from different clients and different types of workloads but decided to be more selective. I outsourced the clients that I couldn’t service and still found a way to profit from this.

The secret to consultancy is to create a layer of different product lines and services where you automate most of it and outsource parts of it. The irony is after being a successful affiliate manager to 250,000 affiliates you would think I would have figured this out soon enough.

Internet marketing is something that I enjoy and picked up through past experiences. For most companies today it’s the future bloodline. I am truly happy with business change and the approach and in 2011 will focus on even more innovative ways of outsourcing, affiliate marketing and creating an e-product line. I intend delivering content, building relationships and working on different partnerships. The website will have different levels of content from the blog to the Facebook fan page. The mission is still the same but the delivery of the services and the products lines have an even stronger effect.

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