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Bosco Anthony talks social on the Allan Knight Show.

I am a frequent guest on the Allan Knight show and this time around I was asked to share my insights on social media. I even-handed in my smart phone as I am so addicted to it. I discussed the important of having a personal relationship apart from being a digital natives. The power of relationships are vital in the social world.

I defined social media engagement as putting life into meaningful conversations in a digital playground. I also mentioned how social media management refers to working on a web presence. I emphasized that the engagement factor is more important than having a high amount of followers. I spoke of a key trends where online relationships are taken into real life conversations.

I discussed the entities of being social and the why factor for having a presence on the digital platforms. I even discussed the social island trap most commonly found with some brands out there.  I also reminded the viewers that social media is simply another platform for communication and interaction to take place.

Finally I referred to the term of integrated campaigns which compliments and infuses social media with other essentials to marketing.

4 Responses to Bosco Anthony talks social on the Allan Knight Show.

  1. Good day to you. How does one track social media and conversions? While its great to have a social buzz, it would be beneficial to know which social platforms actually create conversions.

    By conversions I mean sales, email sign ups, downloads..etc etc.

    Do you track attribution models?
    If so how do you make sense of these attribution models?

    Do you use Google Analytics to track conversions?
    Do track social down to the individual post?

    I am having hard time finding useful information about how to track the dollar value of each platform or down to the individual post.

    Without this data I cannot discern which platforms or posts are providing value to my business.

    I thank you in advance.


    • Social media conversions are based on influence, reach, engagement and in turn reactions – Are you running social marketing ads? What is your social call to actions? Are you redirecting traffic off your social channels to a landing page or better yet a web platform? Conversions vary based on each and every call to action

      Google analytics has an integrated social metrics platform to gauge social channels and yes attribution models are also used in some cases

      Perhaps if you were able to share some insights on what you are trying to do online I could have a better idea on what your defined call to actions are and what your strategy is to send traffic to your channels

      Look forward to your response and thanks for responding – need more info!

  2. I appreciate influence and reach, but that is respectfully not my question.

    Say I have two facebook posts A and B.
    How can I track the performance of A v.s. B in regards to hard conversions on my site. (Completing a goal in Google Analytics).

    This is just a tracking conversion question.
    I am not asking about tracking a CTA.
    I am just looking at the hard numbers to determine how post A compares to B.

    I see in Analytics I can track the performance of a specific social platform. But I want to drill down one level more and see the performance of each post within the platform.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Okay a little information always help – I found these two articles one on conversion tracking offered by Analytics and also this other article on facebooks conversion tracking tool within the platform very useful

      Facebooks conversion tracking tool

      Analytics conversion tracking versus google analytics – the conversion tracking notes are if you are strictly interested in conversions and if using the adwords platform

      Thought respectfully :) something tells me you already know the answer to this question curious george :)

      If I may be of any more assistance please dont hesitate to ask and thank you for commenting on the blog – its always refreshing to see some challenging questions and comments as opposed to spam comments I receive

      You have also given me some ideas to write on when it comes to conversion – Any specific topics of interest?

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