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Bosco Anthony Featured In A Documentary.

Bosco Anthony Featured In A Documentary.

One of my proudest achievements was close to home. I was recently approached by the Merita Movement group for an interview for a documentary labeled “Our beloved land. After arranging a time to meet and an hour interview I recently heard that the finishing touches were being put into this exciting documentary about inspiring youth from Africa.

I was truly honoured to be  featured in this documentary having been born in Tanzania, East Africa. Here is a little description taken from the Merita website on what the movement is all about.

“Merita is a passion driven movement comprised of individuals who desire to see young people on the continent of Africa empowered, unified and strengthened; Concurrently grounded in their indigenous roots and yet avian in their dreams and aspirations.

Our intention is to accommodate space, resource and method to breakthrough old cycles and advocate self actualization and growth amongst creative entrepreneurs both individually and collectively.”

I am excited to show case the video trailer on my blog below. The trailer is truly inspiring with the screening to showcase later this fall. Tweet me @boscoanthony if you would like to attend this screening in Vancouver, British Columbia. Enjoy!

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