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Blue Ocean Strategy

I recently read this management book titled, “Blue Ocean Strategy” that highlighted one key observation. We are swimming in a very large ocean with a lot of unexplored waters of non customers. There are 3 ponds of non customers out there:

  • First Tier: Soon to be non customers
  • Second Tier: Refusing non customers
  • Third Tier Unexplored non customers

It Is important to remember that just because someone is not your customer doesn’t mean they cannot bring you to unexplored non customers. People in general can influence your brand regardless of their personal affiliations or alliance to you. It is now more important than ever to influence such connections through building yourself as an authority in your industry.

The blue ocean strategy highlights how everyone is so busy chasing customers within the safe red ocean when their focus should be on untapped markets of influence.

How big is your reach when it comes to marketing and influence?

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