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Blogging for the future, Publishing for the present!

Curious yet? If the headline has peaked your interest then listen up. The secret to writing a consistent blog lies in the palm of your hands and its an application on every iphone purchased. Like any other newspaper agency successful blogs have an editorial calendar. For me this calendar happened to be created on my Iphone and I created a timeline of posts. This was the first resource to help aid me with consistent writing.

The truth is great ideas come to us at random times and places. We do not normally have our laptop, notepad or book with us all the time but the chances of having your smart phone is probably higher. This means the next time you have a great blog post come to you all you have to do is write down the subject line of that post so that you can revisit it when its time to write out the article. The truth is most of my blog posts have been thought off in the past and I just happened to note down the concept. This way I do not waste all this time trying to figure out what I am going to write when its time to blog. (Attached is a copy of my blogging calendar on my ipod app)


Most of my internet marketing friends and myself write blogs in advance. Sometimes we even write stuff out for content to be published a month out. I currently have 20 articles set to auto publish for the next few weeks and I currently have about 20 other drafts that I am currently working on. We blog for the future because this way we are never worried about the current or present blog situation. We publish content that is ready at the present moment and we write out new blog posts for content we will publish in the future. This way I am never at pressure to come out with urgent content and I can also take time off on a vacation without worrying about content.

I started implementing this strategy at the start of this year and I have successfully managed to post 5 blog posts a week. What strategy are you implementing for your blog?

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  1. Sounds like the equivalent of all the poems I wrote on the university cafeteria napkin. Some of which are my best published works.. When you have the tools to stop and work while the irons are hot, and publish later, you will have so much more fun being a blogger.. When I became a graphic designer, my dream was build peoples business materials while on the beach, now I just want to build my own business while on the beach.. I think that you definitely have found THE SECRET SAUCE – THE KEY IS FINDING FUN PEOPLE TO SHARE IT WITH. Now I have to share this with my clients and show them how to build their businesses so they have tons of clients to stay in touch with.

  2. Thanks for the post! I think it’s a necessity to plan ahead if you’re aiming for a successful blog: figure out which posts should go in which order, planning for a series etc. And planning definitely makes you more relaxed to your blogging approach. Knowing you have relevant content going out relaxes your mind and make your brain invent even more relevant posts. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Thanks anna – the truth is when you have blog posts just waiting to get auto published you do not feel overwhelmed

      Its like having time to enjoy things – I tend to write more on the weekend as I have more time for it

      Then let it out during the week!

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