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Blogging Expectations

I have been blogging for a few months consistently. During this time I have started to build a loyal group of readers. This community has been slowly growing over time. I recently had some writers block for  a few days and was in need of writers inspiration. During this time I took a few days off from writing. What happened next was incredible. My inbox was flooded with a few concerned readers asking me if I was okay. You see when you become a consistent blogger your writing becomes an expectation for readers.

When people subscribe to your blog, ask for email updates to your blog or become frequent visitors to your blog they expect to see fresh and new content. The challenge is when you fail to meet such expectations. It is important for a blogger to focus on three main things when managing a blog

  1. Deliver fresh, resourceful and innovative content
  2. Focus on the user experience to compliment the blog
  3. Build a loyal following of readers.

How do you know your blog is meeting reader expectations?

  • A decrease in bounce rates
  • Users spending more time on your website
  • The ratio of returning visitors is just as high
  • An increase in opt ins and high open rates if you use email marketing
  • A consistent amount of new visitors

What are you doing to enhance your blog?



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