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Blogging Challenges

I wanted to write 5 articles a week for the year 2012 and like many naive first time bloggers I knew that there would be hurdles and challenges I would face. Here are some challenges that I faced in 2012:

  • Time management
  • Writers block
  • Staying consistent
  • Implementing on a blogging calendar
  • Distractions
  • Staying up very late to post content
  • Proper use of content auto scheduling

There were two very specific times when I thought I would fail at achieving my goal for the year. The first was when I had writers block and had to play catch up for 4 weeks of content. As I was about to throw the towel my determination kicked in and I found the courage to do more research and inspire myself to write more.

The second time was during the winter break when I had a blogging calendar created, content thought out but I needed to find the time and discipline to publish all the articles for the last month. I was so distracted with family events and the holiday period that I needed some time away from blogging. Once again the determination kicked in and I spent the last two days going into the new years preparing the content and publishing everything on January 1st 2013. I started the new year playing catch up and now realized that most of my challenges could be resolved through proper planning and usage of my precious time.

I have realized to being successful blogging is really proper time management and allocation of my time. Through proper planning of my time I can be even more efficient going into 2013.

What challenges do you face as blogger?

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