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Blogging has become reinvented and a recent trend observed when it comes to content management strategies. It has also become an organic way to rank for certain keywords and gain traffic to your websites. Websites such as word press have created a blogging revolution and made this feature popular over the last few years. Yet many businesses will be observed to have a blog section but not really update the posts quite frequently.

It was only until the start of this year when my own blog started to see frequent posts with great traffic results. The biggest challenge with entrepreneurs who want to blog is the management of time, having the time to blog, and topics to blog about. In fact sometime when bloggers do have the time to write something their creativity doesn’t kick in. I had this challenge in the past where I found myself with not much to say on a Sunday night at 2am in the morning.

It was only until recently where I started to use a blogging calendar and have managed to see great results on automation and active blog posts. The truth is we are creative at any given times and come across great topics we want to write about. We do however have a challenge remembering such great ideas when put on the spot. Great bloggers will tell you to capture such great ideas and add them to a blogging calendar.

With the use of a smart phone or notepad you can easily slot different topics you want to write about. When the time comes for you to sit down and blog you already have a schedule and there is better organization on the different type of posts you might write about. This is a strategy I currently use where I schedule posts as far as two weeks out in the future to keep me on my path to blogging daily.

Have you thought of creating and implementing a blogging calendar?

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  1. I think this is the best advice. Thought “I had this challenge in the past where I found myself with not much to say on a Sunday night at 2am in the morning.” I am finding it rare you don’t have a commentary or advise.. I am sure 2 am can just be avoided as I see how hard you work during the rest of the week. So in conclusion, I am going to make one of those homemade chalk boards I saw on pintrest today and write my ideas down as I go.

    • There are times when I too have writers block and get speechless

      The power of the iphone does the trick – i get my ideas through conversation reading and researching – I will show you a few tricks i have up my sleeve on gathering new content

      I would avoid the 2am writers block! :)

      Thanks for commenting!

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