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Biz Stone – Art of Marketing

Biz Stone is someone I was really looking forward to speak earlier today primarily because not only was he one of the founders of twitter, he was also labelled nerd of the year and most influential person in the word. Biz also says that the internet is a place works at. Biz has also had some of his articles published in the huffington post.  He considers himself an owl bear, smart like an own and strong like a bear!

Biz mentioned to the audience that opportunity can be manufactured and creativity is a new resource. He also recommended businesses to emotionally invest in their brands. There is a compound impact in altruism. He predicts the future of marketing is in philanthropy.

Biz predicts while the first phase of the Internet is us democratizing content, the next phase is understanding the information. Albert Einstein once said information is not knowledge. He sees brands will take information and transmute knowledge into real world action. Biz feels that there is a ton of surprises for the twitter brand and advertising nuggets. Twitter was designed for mobile communications and he does not feel it has plateaued.
When asked if twitter took a seat back during the speculated social media cold wars, he felt Twitter has always been neutral and all social platforms are promoting humanity. He does not feel that there is a social media cold but competition does promote inspiration.
Here is a 360 degree view of the event

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