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Benefits of Google Analytics

I recently had two client meetings where I had to analyze their existing websites. In both cases I was shocked to see these two businesses operate with no Google analytics. In fact the first company had no metrics put into place to understand the performance of their website while the other did not see the need to install it or view it for that matter. After realizing their web presence was lacking, and educating them on the needs for analytics their web presence and internet marketing evolved.

I recently wrote an article on how to set up Google analytics which also had you tube instructions on how set it up. However in today’s blog post we will talk about the benefits of Google Analytics and how it is important to have this free tool on your website.

Here are the benefits to installing Google Analytics on you website:

  • It provides website visitor intelligence and where they spend the most time on your website
  • It provides sources of traffic and gives you an understand where is your traffic generated
  • It tell you is your copywriting and content needs improvement by giving you an idea on bounce rates
  • It tell you how and why visitors found your website
  • It will give you demographics and locations of your traffic
  • It will allow you to understand what browsers and platforms are being used by your visitors
  • It will allow you to know what keywords to rank for
  • It will help with Google ad words
  • It gives you the ability to create goals and track goal conversions
  • Its a great tool for landing page and e-commerce websites as it allows you to track conversions
  • It is customizable and free

What other benefits have you had by installing Google Analytics?

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