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Asking for testimonials.

I recently completed a mentoring session with a client who had some difficulty enhancing some of his web platforms, presence and landing pages. This client was one of those clients who felt uncomfortable asking for testimonials. Even though this client had serviced many customers, asking for testimonials was something he never got used to.

So I decided to practise what I preach and decided to contact some of my contacts on an email campaign and test my theory. I thought I share my techniques, recommendations and overall results of the email campaign.

The Technique – The first step is to practise email list segmentation. This is when you sort out contacts based on different demographics or criteria’s. In my case I created a hybrid list that contained a portion of recent customers, business partners as well as joint ventures. I wanted to take 3 different segments to test how effective my campaign would. The key here is I managed to create an elite list of contacts who I was in touch with in the last 6 months. I did not want to email my entire list so I hand-picked 33 contacts as a test email campaign.

The Recommendation – The key to a successful email campaign is all in the writing. Copywriting skills can be very effective when sending out an important email. A subject line that motivates your contacts to take the time to read your email is just as important. Asking for a testimonial or demanding one is another thing you want to avoid. You see it’s better to take the time to explain why you want the testimonial and what is the benefit of the testimonial. Heres the secret sauce, I explained in my email the benefits of using their video testimonials on my platforms, websites and web presence for my contacts Yes apart from exposure, there were other factors that could benefit their website as well. I ended up with a sincere message that had no fluffy copywriting skills and simply just me saying what was on my mind

The Results – I had a whopping 90% open rate (30 out of the 33 contacts opened my email) with the first 48 hours. 7 video testimonials were instantly created and sent to my email, 12 commitments to send me a testimonial in the next 2 weeks, 11 requests to meet me in person and have me use my iPhone and film their video testimonial. As I write this blog I have not had any declines. I have met with over half of the meeting requests and managed to get new business, referral and work out some future partnership talks with some of these contacts.

Now the point here is not to brag about such results but rather give you an insight of the power of your contacts. Sometimes asking your customers can work miracles and deliver bigger results. Are you asking your customers for testimonials?

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