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Are your overanalyzing your business?

Lets face, this has happened to us at one point of our entrepreneur life cycle. Humans by default are designed to sometimes over think things in life and that never limits our business ventures. I was recently reminded of this when I had a client meeting last week where we spent too much time trying to put out what was going on in the clients head. In fact many businesses stall their operations when they over think things through.

While metrics, marketing plans, operations and sales process can always be overanalyzed you have to realize it is not productive. Most of the time it will leave you wasting more time than anything else. When I consult with business owners who are over analytical the end results usually end up the same way. Either time has been lost or we could do something more productive. There comes a time as a business owner where you just have to focus on the actual steps and take action.

Some times overanalyzing your business will lead you to live mindlessly and not in the present. You run the risk of paying attention to your current operations. You cannot afford such distractions when your are starting up a business. That time is very crucial and you have to focus on success. It is important for you to test everything and be unbiased when making decisions. Stick to the facts and think rationally. Finally bring yourself to the present and the task at hand.

Are you mindful of your business or is your mind full?

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