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Are you networking effectively?

I recently spent an entire day at Indigo and decided to read. The trouble is I read 9 books at the same time and go through a chapter per book and work my way through the heavy onslaught of content. The picture below shows you how committed I was this day. Now while many of you must be thinking I had a few red bulls to go through these books, it’s actually a new method I have implemented that’s helped me keep content fresh and in my head.

During the reading I came across Stephen Coveys most famous read “The 7 habits of effective people!” This is a timeless classic that still resonates to business and marketing today. There was one sentence that prompted me to write this blog post. It read, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood!”  I smiled when I read this effective habit because I have been in the networking scene for the past few months and  I see a ton of eager business people fail at this. There are a ton of over enthusiastic business people hoping to pitch at every person they meet. My favourite is when I meet someone who will let me throw in a few words and they will ramble on about their passion or business.

It is important to engage in a conversation and allow the person you are talking open up to you. Asking effective question and truly listening to what is being said is an art and comes with experience. Before you influence you need to understand why you would be influencing a person. Most people have poor listening skills which can ultimately hurt them. This is a lesson in networking that some people need to learn to improve their interaction skills.

What can you do to improve your networking skills?


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