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Are you impressed yet?

I recently stumbled upon a service provider who showed me statistics on how his sales had doubled because he had impressed his clients by over delivering on his timelines. I typically tend to put into practise any strategy I hear of to gauge results and have started to see some tremendous results. The challenge with most service providers is trying to stay ahead of your timelines. Most of the time service providers are trying to play catch up on timelines and commitments.

The first recommendation is to stop making timelines to please your customers but rather take some time to evaluate your schedule and leave room for emergencies.

The next step is over deliver and respond a day earlier as many times as you can. This usually ends up surprising potential customers who feel reassured about you. No customer wants to feel they are not a priority. A personalized message can go along way.

I recently also helped a friend with their communications when it came to following up to business meetings. It is important to send instant emails that have some sort of customization after every business meeting. You could send an instant email template to your prospects, clients or contacts for the following reasons:

  1. Thank them for their time or business
  2. Setting up a business meeting
  3. Wanting to meet for coffee
  4. Wanting to set up an appointment to get to know each other better
  5. Informing them of your services

The list of what you could template is endless. Imagine how your contact would feel if they received a personalized message from you moments after meeting from you in person?

Finally, I was introduced to setting up a powerful call to action email when meeting with important business partners, referrals or customers. It is important to have a list of things you would like to achieve and state them in your follow-up email. The results can be very powerful as it sets the tone for both parties to take action.

Communication is a powerful form of impressing your business potential as long as you do it a timely manner. Everyone wants to feel like they are your priority. This helps influence prospects to make buying decisions. Are you following up with your leads and if so are you doing it in a timely manner.

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