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Are you focused enough?

I recently was working with a good friend who is in the start up stage of business. In the past few weeks I have seen this individual showcase a ton of talent and creativity. The idea funnel is very active and almost everyday there is a new approach or idea that gets generated.

The biggest challenge my friend had to overcome was focusing on the things that mattered. In the last few weeks I observed, provided insight and guided this individual to get through this hurdle. I thought I share some of the key strategies that helped this business get started up. There strategies were as follows

  • It is important to identify the key factors that will shape your business plan
  • Listing down tasks daily is a good way of keeping you on track
  • Time management is very important and helps you from getting distracted
  • Focus on the big picture and avoid getting caught up with the petty stuff
  • Balance your time between marketing, sales, operations and growth
  • Focus on the path and not just the destination
  • Map out your business plan and track your daily success.

It is important to show focus to the minor details when starting out. Most start ups dislike this stage because it is a grind. Stay the course and create a routine. The biggest strategy I can share with any start up is research. Successful business platforms follow a similar business model. Success leaves clues. Focus on the strategies and tips that businesses before you applied to become successful. Learning from their mistakes is key!

What is the biggest tip you can think of that helps you focus on the things that matter?

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