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Are you curious?

One of the greatest questions you can apply to business is, “How?” In fact this question can reveal so much both in life and business. The truth is so many businesses are so busy trying to make ends meet that very little time or due diligence is spent on curiosity, research or asking the right questions. The truth is much of my success this year has come down to me doing my research and due diligence on my customers, content and competitors.

What makes me relevant and my content compelling is really the amount of time I spend researching my content. The majority of people who hear my talks will always say that they are almost packed with too much content. The fact is my authority is built on the knowledge and experience I have in my field.

Researching your clients, competitors, industry, content and people is made easier with the following tools:

  • Social platforms
  • Alert systems like Google alerts
  • Social Monitoring tools
  • Social dashboards
  • CRM and social CRM’s
  • Google Reader
  • The degrees of separation

Finally the most amount of knowledge I have learned about business is on the streets and a simple conversation can reveal a lot about people or competitors within my industry. If you do your homework you will be surprised what you learn.

Are you curious enough?

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