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Are Social Metrics overrated?

In the past few months I have become well acquainted with everything social media. In fact I have been applying so many social strategies to my web presence that I have managed to identify the effectiveness of social media to a business. Lately I have seen so many business feel overwhelmed due to the ever increasing social metric platforms. I will be the first to openly admit that some of these social metrics are overrated! There I said it…

Platforms that gauge social outreach are really sending out a false message. Just because a status update, tweet or post is exposed to your network and potentially their network, this might not be the case that everyone has come across your message. Then there is the whole influence metrics where some websites will give you a score based on your network and how you impact people. While these social platforms provide interesting numbers, the truth is ROI is measured by conversion. It always has been about the effective call to action.

I personally use social metrics as a secondary gauge. I do not gauge the success of my social campaigns on influence, reach or the number of followers, fans or contacts. Online presence will always be measured by impact of these campaigns. A call to action, traffic, time on your web platforms, opt-ins and sales have always been the primary gauge to success. Its alway drives me nuts when I see someone brag about their social metric score. I always feel like asking, “Hows that great score working for you?”

While social media is a form of marketing it is the glue that compliments your entire marketing strategy. Social metrics can be a secondary gauge however focus should be put on engagement, conversation and conversion. These are still the primary sources of effectiveness for a social media campaign.

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