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Allan Knight Talk Show Interview!

I was recently asked to become a regular on the Allan Knight Talk Show. This is my second time appearing on the show but the interview was more in-depth. Allan asked me a ton of questions on content curation and social media. He got to know me more on the show and I even ended up interviewing Allan as well.

The surprise was when a caller from Virginia first called into the show. He then eventually followed up with shortly after the show which was awesome. Allan grilled me on the need and importance of social media and how its evolving the landscape of the business.

We also covered the importance of content strategies and how businesses will be focusing on deployment going into 2013. A business will focus on conversations and the importance of engagement. Allan also shared some of his personal teachings on growth to help grow a business.

Allan does his talk show every Friday evening out of the Water Street Profile in Gastown. You can hear the entire interview here.


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