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A friend to all businesses today: “The Training Manual”.

Businesses today are so busy worrying about Revenue, Customers and leads but do not spend enough time on the internal operations. I find the business operational duties and internal policies are usually sacrificed for everything else. Time management is usually the most common reason for the cause of this oversight. Yet you can only survive for so long before the business takes a beating.

Like any company, there is always going to be turnover and people tend to move around. I find that many times because of lack of documentation or a training manual everyone goes about their day differently with no organization or proper procedures. People think training manuals are only for corporate environments. This is false and today some of the top small businesses today have better efficiencies because of the implementation of creating and documenting training and procedures in a manual for the company.

A training manual will help you on training costs and can transition new members to your business quicker. It can also ensure that you are not spending a lot of time babysitting or training new employees. Finally a training manual gives the accountability of your new employees to take the initiative to learn and own the tasks. I have implemented a few training manuals into the businesses I consult today and the results have been rewarding. The impact has been better organization and less chaos.

A training manual keeps your business in shape when your leaders or company owners aren’t so organized. The back end of your business today makes for an even stronger impression to your clients tomorrow. The quicker businesses start realizing this, the better the rewards.

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