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A check off the bucket list!

Social Media Week was a very busy time for me with speaking engagements, networking events and conferences. In the height of all the organized social media chaos I was asked to sit on a panel on content strategy. I was also very excited to see my long time favorite keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. You see I have been following Gary for years when he started off his video blogging channel on wine. He then launched Wine library and then became a break out author and sought after keynote speaker in North America.

Gary is a colorful speaker and manages to entertain throughout his entire keynote. One of the key things I learned is that Gary has very similar views on Social Media and how the world is going through one big conversation. You are either a part of it or an observer to it. The big take away is to spend time on what we enjoy doing so that we can see more success. Gary expressed that he loved social media because it sold $H#T!

The biggest highlight for me is when he personally took the time to tweet at me a few minutes before he got onto the stage. This was followed up with him responding to my questions on how to handle old school corporate executives. It was finally topped up with him signing my copy of his latest book, “The Thank you Economy!” and a couple of photos with the man himself. Gary took the time to chat with me and thank me for my loyal support and acknowledged that we were both similar immigrants moving to North America for a better future. He reminded me to keep hustling and to push the limits.

Gary is a simple man with an awesome attitude. He has been a role model for many immigrant entrepreneurs and delivers on all counts. It was an entire privilege to meet him in person and I have to say he nailed his keynote again!

Check out his recent keynote!


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