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50 Shades of Content Marketing Tips | Inbound Marketing Practices

Forgive the cheesy headline however I could not help but continue the 50 shades theme. Here are 50 content strategies to help elevate and boost your inbound marketing practice in 2013.


  1. Regular consistent blog posts
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Collaborated Interviews with other brands
  4. White Papers
  5. How to Guides
  6. Content Brochures
  7. Reviews
  8. Resource Pages
  9. News
  10. Press Releases
  11. Industry Trends
  12. Cheat Sheets
  13. Newsletter Contents
  14. Podcasts
  15. Videos of Keynotes
  16. Video Interviews
  17. Recordings of Google Hangouts
  18. Guest Posting
  19. Forum comments and posts and social reactions
  20. Social Networking Content
  21. Social Networking Link Broadcasting
  22. Curated content
  23. Social content that is aggregated on social archive sites
  24. Info-graphics
  25. Slide share Presentations
  26. Voice Over Power point presentations
  27. Image and Visual Engaging Images
  28. E-books
  29. Mini Surveys and Polls
  30. One sheets and One page documents
  31. Top ten lists or content that is list designed
  32. Recaps or round up content
  33. Personal Stories
  34. Success Stories and results
  35. Super panels or topic panel videos or audio
  36. Behind t he scenes footage
  37. Tips of the day
  38. Graphs, Tables and charts
  39. P-interest Boards
  40. You Tube Videos and Channels
  41. Case Studies
  42. Transformation stories and digital story telling
  43. Brand updates and announcements
  44. Event Recaps
  45. Beginner Guides
  46. Digital and photographic Magazines
  47. Online Audio Files and internet radio channels
  48. Online TV Shows
  49. Quotes and Motivational Like Videos (TED talks)
  50. Social Group

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