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5 signs of a business “know it all”!


As an online marketer you meet people from all walks of life. I have been fortunate to meet some incredible people from all parts of the world. Networking and meeting new people is part of the territory. The internet marketing circle is a pretty close circuit and you tend to keep close relationships with many of these venturer’s who seek their fortunes online. There are those marketers, who however feel so entitled because of their technical savvy that just love being the business know it all! You know the one that has to give insight on all topics and had to go out of their way to tell you how much better your work could be. Here are 5 signs that you are a business know it all!

WARNING SIGN 1 – You have got it all figured out! 

Symptoms – You have to be right on any topic brought up in a conversation related to your field. You are so good at what you do, how you do it that when fellow entrepreneurs touch your territory you have to show them how its done. Sharing of insight is always respected within the circle of entrepreneurs but when giving advise include criticism, mockery, and one way conversations it’s time to look in the mirror. You do your best to be highly opinionated, extremely judgemental and go out of your way to ridicule certain people with certain beliefs.

Causes – You were picked on, suffered from a low priority complex and you always wanted to be the life of the party!

Cure – Read the book, “How to win friends and influence people.” If you claim to have read it, pick up the book but this time allow your self to let the words in the book speak to you. Start listening to the conversations around you and rather than making judgements or trying to get in on the conversation ask yourself what you can learn from the conversation. A good starting tip is by asking questions and perhaps try understanding the actions of an individual before judging it. A conversation has always been a two way street!

WARNING SIGN 2 – You seek out validation in retaliation!

Symptoms – Whenever you want to prove a point you go out of your way to make the other party feel even smaller. Does this childish poke the bear characteristics occur only on those real house wives sitcoms? Believe it or not I have seen grown men show similar trends. You have time to print out stuff to make a mockery of one’s beliefs. You have to have the last word on a debate. You get pleasure in belittling your audience. You have to justify everything you say and do. You try and top up every action with a reaction. You put down other entrepreneurs for self satisfaction to make yourself feel better.

Causes – You have read the art of war one to many times. You believe business is a chess game. Your taste in music includes violent music that celebrates death, rage and anger! You talk to yourself.

Cure- The cold war ended years ago. You might be an ace trigger at paint balling but the truth is you would probably be massacred in a tribal war. Retaliation never leads to good things. It’s like watching a child poke a “honey bear.” We all know the ending to this story. Diplomacy always wins in business. Focus on how you can improve. When someone points out your weaknesses learn from it and get better at them. The best way to win in business isn’t through slander but through performance. Let the successes and growth of your business be your rewards. Put all your efforts in making your business stronger and more efficient. Take the good pointers from any constructive feedback for the gain of your business. Take a silent bow when you see hard work turn into reward.

WARNING SIGN 3 – You find comfort in criticism!

Symptoms- Dare i say it, everyone has a mean streak! If you want to criticize an action from your fellow circle of business people learn what motivates them first! If someone did something creative and you couldn’t help but wish you figured it out first, acknowledge that person genuinely. Nothing is ever good enough for you. You highlight the flaw in everything you see.

Causes- Starts out with an opinionated teacher. You always had the red skittles eaten on you. You spent years working a civil job and it made you jaded. You got dressed for the prom but never left the house!

Cure – Recognize, encourage and support your fellow entrepreneurs. Respect the time, hard work and effort of someone who is trying to make it. Focus your time on developing your friends skills. People learn from mistakes made. When you have to give constructive feedback, always start and finish with a genuine compliment. Rather than looking for a problem, acknowledge the strengths in a person. There is an old saying, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain but it takes character to be understanding, compassionate and forgiving.”

WARNING SIGN 4 – You suffer from a superiority complex!  

Symptoms – You feel you are superior to all. You feel your breed deserves more. You lambast anyone you consider weak and you feel that your a technical genius. You claim to know the scoop on the new google panda update. You believe that you are the expert on content management and have a low tolerance for 250 blog posts! Your resume includes super powers that predict what website visitors are feeling when they visit a website. You thrash websites that you subscribe to. You believe you live in a super power continent and you have no interest in anything else going on in the world. You do not tolerate people with moderate beliefs and label them as “fence sitters!”

Causes – Your story is certainly not a rags to riches story. You want to stand out. You feel that by acting superior you will feel superior. The harsh truth is you do not work for Google or Facebook. You also suffer from denial trends. You feel that your occasional visits to the zoo, camping grounds and outdoor adventures gives you culture.

Cure – Build tolerance for people from all walks of life. The harsh truth about business is that you are dealing with people. Your customers are those same people that you feel superior to. Show tolerance, appreciation and kindness to all that you encounter. When your business allows you to take a vacation, visit a third world country and show some generosity to those in need.

WARNING SIGN 5 – You feel a sense of entitlement!

Symptoms – People need to respect you and worship the ground you walk on. Your talents should make you millions. People are judged by their technical abilities. You speak a technical language and all must follow such guidelines. Your talents over power your ability to relate with people.

Causes – You come from a technical background. You worked one of those web cash coach jobs for a few years! The accomplishments you have had online have given you a false sense of security and advancement.

Cure – The truth about entrepreneurship is that it is a grind and a hustle. We are all in the same boat trying to make a living on the crafts and trades we possess. Live and let live!  Your cubicle isn’t any bigger than the neighbour door. Lose the ego! People think differently and understand concepts differently. If everyone was as technical as you we would all be rocket scientists, the only thing in common is we are all homo sapiens.

What should you do if you know someone that suffers from such traits. Perhaps you should click here! You should probably also best get them to stay away from opinions on religion, politics or science.


6 Responses to 5 signs of a business “know it all”!

  1. Wow. Who ruffled your feathers? You make good points though. Many people are exactly how you describe. Unfortunately they are often uncoachable. A bit like smokers, the warnings on the packet or a blog alike this fall on deaf ears. They are for others lol.

    Good to know you are passionate about not being one of them.

    • For the record I am that guy.

      I guess Bosco and I have a friendly and sometimes not so friendly rivalry. I wrote a post called “5 Reasons Not To Create Crappy Content”.

      I do feel compelled to respond to a few of your pointed statements:

      B.”Your taste in music includes violent music that celebrates death, rage and anger!”.
      G. I am listening to Johnny Cash, who most certainly made millions singing about drugs and murder.

      B.”but the truth is you would probably be massacred in a tribal war.”
      G. Zing! Yes, this is not a skill I have put much effort in.

      B. You also suffer from denial trends. You feel that your occasional visits to the zoo, camping grounds and outdoor adventures gives you culture.
      G. I do like hiking and am guilty of hugging trees. If you want culture I am the last guy anyone should consult. For the record I do not like Zoos. I think they are sad more than anything.

      B. Your story is certainly not a rags to riches story.
      G. I am so middle class it hurts dude.

      B. The harsh truth is you do not work for Google or Facebook.
      G. That is harsh… I was wondering why I never got paid. You waited till now to tell me? Brutal..

      B. “You have read the art of war one to many times”
      G. I have only read it once and it is an essential read for all humans IMO.

      B. When you have to give constructive feedback, always start and finish with a genuine compliment.
      G. Start: You have nice teeth.
      Constructive Feeback: Don’t’ take it personally, over a post on content.
      End: I wish I was taller like you.

      Much love Bosco. You work hard and people like you. I know you’re not lazy and are a motivated individual.

      P.S. You’re post was full of passion. Not a single fence for miles here!

      Just like after a good first fight, lets shake hands, call it a truce and get on with sharing, helping and making the world a better place!


      • Don’t worry Geoff I aced spear chucking in Tanzania – We used to hunt zebras, will show you a trick or two :)

        I just wanted to thank you for giving me the push I needed. I found my passion this weekend and it really was because of your banter. For the record you have a ton of talent and your knowledge and tech savvy is admirable on all accounts!

        This post brought a lot of positive reaction from people 73 likes! My best post by far!

        So thank you, and look forward to our next healthy debate!

  2. I love the smoking packet analogy. I also do agree that coaching the ones in denial can be almost impossible!

    I would also like to thank a mentor friend of mine who inspired me to show more passion in my writing.

    Thanks for your comments and reading!

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