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30 people you should know!

I was recently asked to attend a launch party for Marc Smiths 30 day adventure website a few weeks ago. Marc is a well-known event planner in the city and has a very strong local network that he is connected to. I was so impressed by his launch party that I felt it was time to meet up do that e can get to know each other more.
Marc and I have run into several events and never really had a personally get together. Upon meeting for drinks at the Yew at the four seasons for a few drinks we realized we had a lot in common. We both shared some valuable insights for where our brands are going and overall was a great meeting.
A few days later Marc asked me if I would be one of his 30 people who you should know segment and I was honoured to say yes. Marc wanted to know more about the personal Bosco story and what events that led to my existence in Canada. I was happy to answer his questions and did my research from his previous interviews.
Marc is an awesome person to know and is incredibly generous with his time, advise and support. We met for breakfast at the Bellagio where the interview was conducted and then did a quick photo shoot around the new convention centre. You can review the entire interview and blog segment here.
I think the biggest highlight was noticing my parents comment on his blog. They even texted me to let me know they read their first blog and commented for the first time :)
Visit Marc’s fan page or read his blog. I recommend having a read and tweet Marc @amuse_events sending him some social love!

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  1. Sweet! I love Marc. So great that you are one of his 30 people series. I love that your parents read the blog, commented for their first time and then actually let you know about that. Sounds like they were proud of you.
    My first time reading your blog. I like the personal content. But that could be because I have been working on biz things for a few hours on a Saturday night and want a change. :-)
    Good luck with the Social Media Award on Thursday night!

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